To show our commitment to provide quality education and to ensure proper guidance to all of our students, the NEU-VEM Director’s Office conducts one-on-one random consultation to address students’ concerns at the end of every school year.

One of the consultations was held recently together with one of our MBA students (Ms. Rhia Alcantara). She visited the Director’s Office to seek advice regarding her current situation as a working mother who lives outside Metro Manila (Isabela Province).

The Director gave her some tips and advice on how to properly manage her time as a working mother and a student. The Director also explains to the student that the model of Distance Education learning is especially designed to people like her who still want to pursue their dreams despite the everyday demands of work, family and other responsibilities.

In the previous years, one-on-one consultations were not only conducted for students who live in the Philippines but also for those who were living abroad through their (or our) representative.


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