The Homeschooling Program

Some private schools in National Capital Region (NCR) gather through their respective representative to formulate the guidelines for homeschooling. One of the participating schools is the New Era University. The gathering for the formulation of Proposed Standards/Guidelines in the implementation of Homeschooling last April 4, 2011 was held at NEU Function Room.

Department of Education (DepEd) recognizes the declaration of the rights of the child, as part of this, Homeschooling will be implemented aside from the traditional schooling program. Homeschooling is an alternative delivery system of education for individuals who for some reasons or for other circumstances cannot avail of the formal instruction in a traditional school.

Homeschooling will be implemented with its components and has two programs, the Home Education Program (HEP) and Home Study Program (HSP). These two programs rely on the active participation of the parent as a teacher to his child. The home educated learner acquires the necessary skills to develop his full potential to become a self-propelling, fulfilled and contributing member of the community.

The group aptly called Technical Working Group (TWG) was headed by the DepEd NCR Assistant Chief for Basic Education, Dir. Elvira K. Directo. The members of the TWG are: Editha M. Alcodia, Tanya Maria Janika M. David, Margaret L. Escosar, Helen S. Losbañes, Gabby G. Malonzo, Angelina S. Pabalan, Janet B. Suson, Jorge D. Villarico Jr., and Ingrid R. Yap.