NEU Open and Online University

New Era University recognizes the use of information highway as equally effective media and very powerful tool in providing people with information and learning relevant to the acquisition of knowledge.

As the means of people’s way of living continue to improve, the medium of information dissemination keeps itself abreast and dynamically upfront with it. The enormous role played by the electronic media and the internet in propagation of knowledge can cater more and more self-propelling individuals, people who are eager to learn on their own, and those who believe non-traditional learning is practical and expedient.

And so, as technology surges forward, NEU through its Vantage Education Management (the University Center for Non-conventional and Alternative Learning Mode of Education Delivery) will make use of the current technology to intensify its effort of delivering quality education. NEU envisions reaching larger community of learners through live internet video-conferencing, electronic learning modules of instructions, and Virtual Learning Environment Portals. It commits itself to viable education management. Side by side with its academic functions, NEU also fulfills its socio-civic responsibility towards the larger community that lies beyond its walls.

Yet, with all these changes and development in the society, NEU maintains one imperishable good we are determined to deliver: “Christian-Inspired Education.”

• The Executive Director